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Published on June 13th, 2014 | by Emily Breany


Do you know How Pet Insurance Works?

If you wonder how pet insurance works, then you should carry out a thorough research on the different types of health insurance available for pets and the benefits that they fetch for the pet owners. The relationship or the bond that you share with your pet is something that you and your family will cherish forever. Therefore, it is your sole responsibility to get a pet insurance for your pet. Pet insurance will help you in keeping your beloved pet healthy and happy and this is something that is desired by every pet owner. It is also of great help in keeping you away from some very important decisions that you need to make regarding the health of your pet depending on the money or the savings that you have in your bank. This is something that you would never like to do. However, before making the choice of the best pet insurance for your pet you must be aware of the fact that how does pet insurance work. Who is paid by whom, when and where?

How Pet Insurance WorksPet Insurance and Health Insurance should not be confused

The very first thing that you should have precise knowledge about is that pet insurance and health insurance are not the same. Pet health insurance is not health insurance. It is basically an important structure of property insurance and it does not work in the same way as health insurance for human beings. In human health insurance you need to produce the medical bills from your physician to your medical insurance company. You have to make the choice of a doctor who is in acceptance of the medical insurance that you possess so that your expenses on certain medical conditions can be covered. But this is not the case with pet insurance. If you possess a pet insurance you will have to submit claims like you do for damage to your home or automobile.

The Process of Pet Insurance

Here’s how pet insurance works:

•    You carry your pet to the veterinary clinic and get all the required services.

•    You make the payment for the services that you receive.

•    Next, you fill the forms for claims that are provided by the pet health company.

•    You send the copies of receipts from the vet along with the completed form to the pet insurance company.

•    The company will then send you a cheque for the money that is allowed in your pet insurance policy.

The entire procedure of the working of a pet insurance plan is not as difficult as it appears to be. Nowadays, many pet insurance companies provide the facility of downloadable claim forms from their websites and they even give you the freedom of filing through fax and email. Also, there are veterinary offices that do the job of filling the claim forms for you. They even document and copy all the receipts for you. There are some that also do the job of sending your filled in forms and receipts to your pet insurance company.


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