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Published on June 25th, 2014 | by Rodolfo Fowler


Taking Good Care of your Pups 101

A puppy is one of the most adorable, lovable and cutest of pets to won. However, when you get home with your new puppy, you will quickly realize that taking care of the puppy may not be as easy as you had imagined. Many puppy owners indeed feel like first time parents, second guessing everything they are doing for and to their little one. From feeding to training, the challenges to be faced by new puppy parents are numerous. Not only is the puppy adjusting, you will find that you yourself, and other family members are also expected to adjust to the routine and care of your new puppy.

Transitioning to the home

Adjusting to the new home is one of the most difficult challenges that you will face. Many new puppy owners state that the puppy seems depressed, lacks energy and sometimes even refuses to eat. You may imagine that something is wrong, but as your vet will tell you, this is normal behavior in the first few weeks. The puppy is in a strange environment, way from its litter and parents and therefore requires some item to adjust. Only when the symptoms persist for longer, should you consider doing something drastic about it.

Training the puppy

Many puppy owners bring in a new puppy and expect to train the puppy within a matter of days. It is important to remember that the puppy is like a child, and whereas it may be aware that it needs to go outside, it is up to you to watch out for the symptoms and take the steps to take the puppy outside. Of course there is need to establish a routine that gives the opportunity to avoid accidents. For example after every meal, the puppy should be taken outside; othenuise you will find yourself with accidents, the same every morning and before bedtime.

When training a puppy, many people are unaware that positive reinforcement works better in encouraging and reinforcing good behavior. For example, if the puppy has an accident and poops in the house, spanking the puppy will only make it fearful. Instead, owners are encouraged to reward the puppy when it does something right. A puppy is easily teachable when you employ positive reinforcement which may include a new toy or even a small treat. Within a short time, the puppy will have mastered the behavior you are teaching, without any damage to the self esteem as well as relationship with the owner.

Social life

While you may be tempted to keep the puppy indoors at all times, you will quickly find that it’s hard to contain and manage a puppy indoors. Like a child, the puppy needs time and opportunity to explore and learn more from its environment. Further, it is important for the puppy to interact with other puppies as this gives the puppy a chance at wholesome development. Social opportunities are vital, whether it is arranging play dates or a visit to the park. It is important to ensure that you give the puppy an opportunity to use the energy they have.

Diet and feeding

Proper feeding is important for any puppy. Most of the time, the amount of food is dependent on the breed of the puppy. However, what is most important to note is that you are giving a balanced diet. Sometimes, in an attempt to save on costs, puppy owners purchase food that is of grown grog. However, the puppy cannot digest such food and may therefore experience developmental problems and stomach infections. The food you prepare, should be for the right age, and balanced for a more nutritious intake. Where you are confused, you may seek the advice of your vet.

Getting a vet

The final and most important aspect of caring for a puppy is ensuring that you get a good vet. Like a pediatrician, a vet is the most important partner is caring for your puDDY- You can do some research on the vets surrounding you, and get the most recommended or ideal one for you and your puppy. During the first months, visits to the vet for vaccines and other issues will be common. It is therefore important to ensure that you are personally comfortable with the vet and the puppy as well. This is the most important relationship you will establish in the lifetime of your puppy.

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