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Published on June 22nd, 2014 | by Rodolfo Fowler


The Constantly Barking Dog – How to deal with it

Dogs are man’s best friend. They offer you company when you are lonely. They also cheer you up into a good mood when you are feeling stressed or bored. Beyond the reward of company, dogs provide utmost security to your home at night. Whenever anything strange crops up, your dog will bark to alert you that something is amiss. However there are some dogs that have a habit of incessantly barking even when there is no good reason to bark. This can be very irritating to both you and your neighbors. Here are a few tips that you can use to handle such dogs.

shelty dogIncrease Activity

Shelties are a breed of dogs that are known to be extremely vocal. At present, most of the dogs are trained to do a specific job, as a result of this; they may find domestic life rather boring. To overcome this boredom, some dogs tend to bark a lot. If this is what happens with your dog, the best way to control its barking is to increase the exercise you give him. If you used to play fetch games with your dog for just an hour, you can add half an hour to that time. Take him out for walks more often. This helps to refocus the dog’s mind and concentrate it on other issues and minimized barking habit.

Using Signal Horn

To deal with your dog’s ceaseless barking, you can purchase a signal horn. This is a kind of a boat air horn that you can easily get from online pet stores. They are pretty air horncheap. So just how does a signal horn work‘? Once the dogs start barking, press a button on the air horn. This causes it to instantly start releasing an irritating high pitched sound which the dogs really loathe. The secret here is to not let the dogs see from which direction the piercing sound is coming from.

Sometimes it’s your neighbor’s dog that won’t stop barking during the day. You have tried asking your neighbors to deal with it but they are giving you a deaf ear. You probably just got from work and are trying to take a nap, but the barking of your neighbor’s dog won’t let you get the slightest sleep. You can deal with him using water. Use the hose that you use for your garden plants to sprinkle water to the dog. This will scare the dog into total silence.This may work for just a while but every time the dog hears the door open from your house, he will always become silent.


Eventually he will learn to stay calm and only bark when there is reason enough to. Another trick is to reward the dog when he is not barking. If your dog likes barking consistently, the best solution is to give him a treat when he stops doing so. This way, he will learn that the only time he will get rewarded for his behavior is when he stops barking. The treats you can give your dog include: a piece of meat, some cuddling time with you among others.

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