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Top 10 Common Dog Diseases

There are many diseases and conditions that you should be on the lookout for. Like a child, a dog cannot tell you exactly what is wrong. Instead, it is up to you the owner to understand the symptoms that your dog is showing and attempt to find the right treatment. It is important to understand the symptoms of the different diseases that you animal is prone to. This way you can deal with the condition before the symptoms become excessive and the condition becomes more difficult to treat. When you catch a condition early, treatment is easy and quick, and rarely results in complications.

Gastroenteritis is a condition that you will have to deal with more than once in the lifetime of your dog. This condition includes inflammation of the digestive tract which causes excessive stomach ache, sometimes vomiting and diarrhea in your dog. The condition is not long term, in fact when detected early it can be treated within twenty four hours. It is normally caused by consumption of food that has gone bad or that is not clean.

Constipation many times when your dog is whining excessively, it maybe as a result of inability to poop. This condition comes from ingestion of foreign material which could block the digestive tract. The simple solution is to give medicine directed at encouraging poop so that it brings the much needed relief.

Colitis is mostly caused by the presence of worms in the digestive tract. The main symptom is that during the passing of faeces, the dog may whine, become uncomfortable and sometimes also pass blood. The condition needs to be treated early to avoid permanent damage to the large intestines. It is important to note that this condition may also be a symptom of something more serious such as the presence of tumors.

Liver disease dogs do not abide by the rules of consumption such as human beings do, it is therefore important to note that the liver of your dog could easily be damaged. The symptoms may show much earlier, and include poor digestion, lack of appetite and lack of energy among others. Breeds of dogs such as Rottweiler’s and Dobermans are much more prone to liver disease and are sometimes as studies have shown born with the problems.

Kidney disease the functions of the kidney are vital not just in human beings but also in dogs. The kidneys help to maintain a normal balance of fluids and also manage the waste production system in the dogs. If your dog is urinating more times during the day, is losing weight and shedding the coat at an alarming rate, it is time to visit a vet and determine the health of your dog’s kidneys.

Arthritis and joint problems: in the past it was believed that this was a disease that was of concern only to owners of aging dogs. However, the joint pains have become an increasing concern for even owners of the young dogs. Arthritis shows through stiff joints, and painful movement. The dog become completely lazy is hesitant to stand, move up and down and prefers to lie down during most hours of the day.

Allergies are much more common in dogs than you may have previously imagined. The dog maybe allergic to the environment, dust or even some kinds of food. Persistent symptoms that are hard to treat whatever medications and treatment methods that you try, maybe an indication that your dog is suffering from allergic reactions. Most of the allergies can be treated by changing the living conditions and diet; however, it is important to get a good vet who can provide needed emergencies during an emergency.

Ear infections are caused by allergies or mites in the ears. The dog may continually shake their head very vigorously indicating discomfort with the ears. Furthermore, there may be discharge coming from the ears. Ear infections can lead to worse conditions such as acute and complete deafness.

Parvoviru: is a disease that is gaining even more attention today because of the high contagious nature. Normally dogs with Parvo vomit excessively and have acute diarrhea as the virus attacks the intestine. The virus is spread through fur and feet. Treatment takes several weeks to completely do away with the virus which can still be detected in the stool of the dog for an average of three weeks.

Cancer is continuously being cited as a leading cause of death in dogs. This is perhaps because the detection rate is delayed greatly in dogs. When detected, the cancerous tumors have spread so much that all that can be done is management and reduction of pain in the dog. Common internal cancers include the liver and the lung cancer. However, the most common of cancers in dogs is that of the bone, which is hard to treat and manage.

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