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TOP 5 Best Natural Dog Food For Puppies

Owning a pet dog is one of the best ways in which a homeowner can help make their life more enjoyable and cheerful. However, most homeowners find it tricky to determine the best foods to give their dogs. If you want to keep your pet dog fit and happier, giving it raw foods can be the best solution. This is due to the fact that despite dogs being domestic animals, they are carnivores hence having wild digestive systems that require raw food more than cooked or dried foods. Looking to feed your dog with raw foods, here are some of the top 5 Best natural dog food for puppies.

 Acana natural dog food Review and Rating

One of the top best natural foods for puppies is Acana. The reason that makes Acana among the best natural-dog foods is due to the fact that it comes from pure natural extracts and raw foods. As specified by the manufacturer, Acana contains all nutritional values required for a dog to grow well, stay health and have strong bodies. For instance, Acana contains protein ingredients such as meat components, eggs, peas, flounder materials obtained from fish and alfalfa. It is also consists of vitamin ingredients such as potatoes, oats, apples, pears, vitamin D3 components, vitamin B12 supplements and vitamin E components. This food also contains carbohydrate components like chicory root, mineral components like zinc proteinate besides fat components such a herring oils.

 Precise dog food Precise Dog Food – Review and Rating

Precise dog food is as well counted as the best natural foods for dogs. This is due to the fact that it is rich in all natural ingredients ranging from proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats. As for the protein part, it is made of components such as chicken, fish and lamp meals. For the carbohydrate part, the food is rich in ingredients like flaxseed, oatmeal, rice bran and ground brown rice. The food is also rich in fiber foods like beef pulp and selenium yeast, mineral components like chelated minerals and oil components like menhaden oil, sunflower oil and chicken oils. It also contains a variety of vitamin components among which are zinc amino acid, vitamin B12, vitamin D3 and vitamin C.

 Pinnacle dog food Pinnacle Dog Food – Review and Rating

Another great pet food that comes naturally is Pinnacle dog food. This food is available with a variety of nutritional ingredients the main ones being minerals, proteins, fats, vitamins and carbohydrate. When talking of the carbohydrate materials in this food, oat flour and oatmeal. For the protein part, the food has been prepared with ingredients like duck meat and alfalfa meal. The food has as well be created with various vitamin components among which are; tomato pomace, potatoes, flaxseed, vitamin A components, vitamin D3, vitamin B12 and vitamin B1. As for the mineral and fats, this food contains canola oil, natural flour, Quinoa seed meal and potassium chloride components.

 The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Foods

When on the market looking for the best natural food for puppies, the Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Foods can be the best option. One great thing with this dog food is that it is supplied with all types of nutritional values. Among the main ingredients found in this food are; vitamins like carrots, bananas, vitamin D3, celery, potatoes, spinach and apple, proteins like organic coconut, eggs, turkey, flaxseed, meat content among others. It is as well supplied with zinc amino acid chelate, potassium iodide, choline chloride, iron amino acid chelate, tricalcium phosphate and copper amino acid chelate. This food has been designed in such it contains 47% carbohydrate, 29% protein and 16% fat.

Wellness 95% Canned Meat Topper Wellness 95 Percent (Canned) – Dog Food Advisor, Wellness® 95% Canned Dog Food – SmartPak Equine You can as well feed your pet puppy with Wellness 95% Canned Meat Topper. Giving your dog pet this food can help boost its healthy condition, strength and size. This is due to reason that the food has been equipped with components like proteins, oils and carbohydrates. The proteins contained in this food include; chicken meal and turkey meat while the carbohydrates are cassia gum extract and carrageenan. The food has been designed with a very high percentage of meat something that makes it the best option for dogs if you want to give it a nutritious and balanced diet. The great thing with the meat used is that it has been examined and screened free from additives.

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