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pet premium reviewPet Premium

One of the most sought after and highly reviewed insurance companies for pets. The company has the most diverse range of pet insurance, so it is easy to shop around for an insurance package that suits your needs and those of your pets. Unlike the much other pet insurance in the market, the pet premium package cover for accidents begins immediately and on the date the insurance takes effect. However, for purposes of vetinary care and treatment you may need to wait slightly longer. This makes the insurance less ideal if you have a sick pet.

Pet Premium is offering 4 Level Pet Insurance plan on both cats and dogs. Prices varies according to level. Level 1 covers $2,500 incident limit, Level 2 (Most popular level) covers $3,000 incident limit, Level 3 covers $5,000 incident limit and Level 4 covers $7,000 incident limit.

8 Beach St, Suite 6New YorkNY10013, USA
(800) 935-7280

ASPA Pet Insuranceaspca review

Relies and formulated on the foundation of experience that the company has gained from years of working with pets. Many consumers find that this insurance is quite friendlier than any other insurance in the market. This package gives the option of selecting the best clinic and hospital that you would like your pet treated in. The company also has a high re-imbursement rate; therefore if you have your pet treated in an emergency at a clinic that is not designated, you can have the money that you have spent reimbursed. With this package you also receive a wide variety of advice with regard to pet care.

You may find ASPA as the cheapest according to level but that really depends on your pet breed, condition (already medically challenged or not). They also offering Levels of you choose however, you may make a free quote to determine the actual prices involved.

healthy paws reviewHealthy Paws Insurance

The most diverse of insurance packages in the market. It includes employee and military benefits. Furthermore, the company also includes discounts that come from the same owner. The more pets you have, the less the premiums you will be required to pay on a monthly basis. In fact, by taking advantage of the discounts offered by the company, you are able to get some affordable and quality insurance for your pets. In addition with this insurance package, you are also able to get free membership to other networks such as AAA.

Healthypaws covered the following incident on both cats and dogs insurance packages : Illnesses, Accidents, Hereditary Conditions, Congenital Conditions, Chronic Conditions, Cancer, Diagnostic Treatment, X-Rays, Blood Tests, Ultrasounds, Surgery, Hospitalization, Prescription Medications, Emergency Care, Specialty Care, Alternative Treatment. They also offering up to 15% discounts.

pets best reviewPets Best Insurance

Starting at $16/month you can now acquire insurance for your beloved pet on both cats and dogs. They covered the following illnesses/accidents: Cancer treatments, Emergency visits and specialist care, Surgeries and outpatient care, Surgeries and prescription medications, Lab tests, MRI, CAT Scans, and X-rays. You can also access your account online by accessing their members page which has the current insurance plan and pet information.

Lives up to its name, providing the best and highest form of quality insurance for the pets. One of the benefits of this insurance is that it includes an annual discount whose amount increases every year. In addition, the coverage for sickness and illness begins only two weeks after the insurance has been issued. The package also includes the highest pay out, which totals a maximum of $14,000. The insurance packages also cover other aspects which may also include tests in the vet clinics, medicine and blood work that could be absent in other insurance packages.

Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC 2323 S. Vista Ave. Ste. 100 Boise

protect your bubble reviewProtect Your Bubble

They don’t just covered pets but also gadgets (home, and office), travel insurance, bicycle insurance and cosmetic insurance. They claimed to have 120 years of expertise and 55,000 insured pets have been accommodated. You can settle your claim within 3 days upon completing submission of needed documents. You can acquire a 5% discount if you apply more than one(1) pet and also has 3 level of insurance plans. Learn more by visiting their website.

An insurance that is fast taking over the market. The global economy has forced even the pet owners to be more efficient and to watch their hard earned money. It is for this reason that protect your bubble is continuing to increase in popularity. The waiting period maybe quite long, since pet owners have to wait for thirty days from the day the insurance is given in order for the package to be effective. Not many things are included in the insurance; its greatest advantage comes from the cost which is $10 in a month, the cheapest in the market so far.

Protect Your Bubble, Atlanta, GA 30309
Sales – 0844 3351521
Customer Services – 0844 335 0324


pet plan reviewPet Plan

A global insurance company with a wide experience in pet health insurance. The company has revolutionized and changed various aspects of its coverage as the years have passed. What remains is that it shows a high potential for customer satisfaction. It is an excellent for pet owners whose pets have chronic conditions resulting from illness or even injury. This is because it is the one insurance that has the least number of restrictions. Pet owners are able to negotiate for any coverage that they would like because the company is quite flexible.

PetPlan offered insurance on both cats and dogs. They have 3 level of insurance plan Gold, Silver, Bronze. Bronze tend to have to lowest among the plans for complete features of all the plans you may visit here. PetPlan covered your pet for life more info here.

3805 W Chester Pike
Ste 240
Newtown Square, PA 19073

trupanion reviewTrupanion

Insurance has a weakness in that your pet must be neutered or sprayed to qualify for the insurance. However, it also includes no limitations on any of the illness and accident covers. If your pet gets sick or is injured it is treated for free in any time of the year at the designated clinic. Where the pet has been treated in an undesignated clinic because of emergencies, the insurance package also includes a reimbursement. You can also select most of the diseases and illness that you would like covered, and those not covered are deductible from the package.

Trupanion offered insurance on both cats and dogs, which covered almost all kinds of illness and accidents as long as it’s not pre-existing illness. There pricing determined by your pet age, breed: some dog/cat breed has hereditary illnesses or known to easily acquire illenesses, gender and even where your pet lives will also affect the pricing.

907 NW Ballard Way
Seattle, WA 98107
b/t N Leary Way & N 11th Ave in Ballard
New Policies: 888.615.8318
Customer Care: 888.733.2685


embrace pet insurance reviewEmbrace Insurance

Designed to be a friendly and warm coverage package for an important animal. The combination of illness and accident makes it quite affordable for the average pet owner. The company has the friendliest staff on their pay roll; the 24 hour customer care service also makes it an ideal coverage especially for a new pet owner. The customer service not only educates you on the package that you have acquired but also helps you take care of your pet including giving you prompt advice in the case of emergencies. The reimbursement rate is not just high but also quite fast.

Embrace Pet Insurance offered insurance for both cats and dogs they cover the following illnesses : Breed-specific conditions, Cancer treatment, Diagnostic testing and imaging (e.g. X-ray, ultrasound, MRI), Surgery, hospitalization, and nursing care, Alternative therapies and rehabilitation, ER & specialist care, Prescription Drug Coverage (optional). You must first condiser reading if your pet is compliance with the conditions to enable to enrolled on the insurance. To be eligible your pet must be: Mixed breed dogs (including hybrids) age 8 or younger, Purebred dogs age 6 or younger, Mixed breed cats age 10 or younger, Purebred cats age 8 or younger

Embrace Pet Insurance
4530 Richmond Road
Cleveland, OH 44128
1-800-511-9172 M-F 8:30am-8pm Sat 9am-1pm ET

pet first reviewPet First

The first insurance company to provide two completely diverse forms of packages. The insurance includes standard and life insurance in separate packages. Life insurance covers are the most extensive and include almost anything that you would wish for your pet including an extensive emergency cover. However, if you feel you may not be able to afford this package, you can opt for the standard package. It is important to note however, that many of the illness and injuries are excluded in the standard package. Also the insurance packages are standardized and not tailored to your specific needs.

PetFirst offers insurance for both cats and dogs you may choose your plans that suits your needs and budget either standard plan or lifetime plan. Cost for lifetime insurance ranges from $5,000 – $20,000 read full details on lifetime plan here and, Standard plans $500 – $1,500 you may read the full details here. They have branches almost all over United States, as a member you can also show history, payments, status, details of your insurance on their website.


pet partners reviewPet Partners

An exact insurance company that makes caring for your pet much easier. The reimbursement rate of this company is the highest in the country, and the cover extends all over. Some of the packages also include travel insurance, a rare phenomenon in pet insurance. It comes highly recommended by government agencies working with pets. The rates are quite friendly, and you also receive a review of vet clinic nearest to you, so that you are able to gain access to the nest healthcare for your pet. Furthermore, you also get an annual checkup under the packages offered. This has made this insurance company quite popular with the average pet owners who value and are keen to follow the health of their pets.

907 NW Ballard Way, Seattle WA
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