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Published on June 21st, 2014 | by Rodolfo Fowler


What needs to be consider about your pregnant dog?

What to do?

what to doUnless you are a breeder or maybe a vet, it’s very likely that you do not know much about what occurs and what to expect when your dog is pregnant. If you just found out that your female dog is going to be a mama, you may want to educate yourself on this matter. By educating yourself, you’ll learn what to expect, so you are sure you are taking proper care of your dog and handling the pregnancy appropriately. The following information is tips discussed on what to do and how to prepare for your dog’s pregnancy. In the first place, have you ever wondered how long your dog will stay pregnant’? Maybe some people assume a dog runs the same pregnancy cycle as humans, but we are so different on so many levels. A human being will take 9 months from conception to birth. For dogs, on the other hand, you have roughly two months from conception to birth. It might vary depending on size, breed and age, but generally 62 days seems about average. Doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but dogs require much attention even after they are pregnant.

The First Month

first monthThe first month you won’t notice much of a change in your female dog’s behavior. She will eat pretty much the same food and she will remain active, but not as active. Some dogs might refuse food in the very first weeks of pregnancy, but take it easy and treat your dog well. Keep in mind that you do not need to start doubling your dog’s food intake as you do not want your dog to gain fatty weight. This provides no benefits to the unborn puppies. Also, the nipples might appear slightly enlarged in terms of length and size. Because this change is very minimal, you may want to measure nipple size before and after breeding. Furthermore, during pregnancy time, your dog will start to feel tired and exhausted and will want to rest very often. That’s why you need to make sure that you are allowing your dog to have plenty of rest.

The last few weeks is where all the real changes typically start to occur. You will notice your dog has gained lots of weight, but her appetite will drop due to the lack of space in her stomach. In order to keep your future mama eating enough nutrients, give her smaller meals throughout the day. Around 45th day of pregnancy, you’ll notice the growth of the fetus is very fast and you’ll notice the abdomen increased in size. In the last few days, your dog will show signs like vomiting, loss of appetite, panting and restlessness. This stage may last up to 24 hours, so keep an eye on her. In the next few hours your dog will start delivering puppies. It is completely normal for your dog to deliver a puppy every few hours. However, if your dog has been straining for more than four hours without delivery, then you should call a professional.

Give Them Peace of Mind

relaxOnce all the puppies are born, she will want to clean her puppies. Allow them to have some time together in peace let her rest and she feeds her puppies more importantly do not let kids or anyone get close to her puppies, mothers are really strict about anyone touching their pups they feel uncomfortable that you might hurt them.

Don’t forget to continually feed her since their pups needs to be feed up hour by hour making the mother easily exhausted because of the nutrients being transferred to her pups.

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